Friday, September 08, 2006

Ex-Gay TV Show

Per Pam's House Blend, The Sky Angel Satellite Network will be producing an Ex-Gay TV show called "Pure Passion" hosted by none other than Alan Chambers, among others.

I didn't see any details about the format of the show, but the fact that it's going to have hosts is making my imagination run wild. Pam speculates that it might be a "Survivor" type of show--I doubt that, but man that would be interesting. Regardless, you can rest assured that I plan on finding a way to watch it.

I'd also like to point out that Alan Chambers is the author of a new book called God's Grace and the Homosexual Next Door. I commented over on the post at Ex-Gay Watch that if Alan Chambers does not realize that using the term "the homosexual" is offensive to gay folks (which he claims adamantly he was unaware of in the comments at XGW), then why should anyone trust him to be an expert on gay, or even ex-gay, issues?


At 8/9/06 8:57 AM, Blogger E said...

A 'Survivor' format makes sense to me - one person left at the end of the season would be a reasonable approximation of the success rates of most ex-gay programs...

At 8/9/06 10:32 AM, Blogger Brady said...

You think that hi Eugene? ;-)


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