Sunday, July 30, 2006

We're Married

So, we did it. I'm officially (ok not officially, but it definitely feels like it) married. The nigtht was completely amazing, and this is coming from a person that thought it would be more or less like all the other weddings. I got way more emotional than I thought I would. Everything was perfect.

For now I am minutes away from going to the airport to fly to Cancun. I'll update more when we get back home next week, and I promise I'll have details.

Until then everyone--from one of the happiest people around.


At 30/7/06 8:45 AM, Blogger Jason said...


At 30/7/06 10:38 AM, Blogger Shakespeare's Sister said...

Congratulations! Many happy days ahead, too. :-)

At 31/7/06 10:38 AM, Blogger Brett said...

Congrats, Brady!

At 31/7/06 12:13 PM, Blogger E said...

Congratulations! Have a great honeymoon!

At 1/8/06 11:30 AM, Blogger Jim Burroway said...

Congratulations! I'm very happy for the both of you

At 1/8/06 8:19 PM, Blogger grace said...

Sorry I'm late in saying Congratulations!!!! I hope you had a great trip/honeymoon...whatever you did! Can't wait to hear more about all of it!
love you!

At 5/8/06 12:59 AM, Blogger EL said...

AGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!


Mad, mad, mad congrats!

At 5/8/06 7:32 PM, Blogger JJ said...

Dude! Congrats! And God bless you on your honeymoon. :D

At 10/8/06 2:35 PM, Blogger Brady said...

Thanks everyone, I really apprecaite it!


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