Monday, July 17, 2006

Anti-Gay Website Links to Some of My Favorite Reads

I just read over at Pam's House Blend that anti-and-ex-gay James Hartline linked to Ex-Gay Watch and Pam's House Blend in a recent post about his trip to the Gay Games. He referred to both blogs as "anti-Christian homosexual websites," which is interesting because many contributors at XGW are actually Christian. I guess they wouldn't seem nearly as evil if he admitted that, though.

First, let me say that it's interesting to hear that these guys keep track of some of these "watch" types of blogs like these two--who knew? (Pam does a great job watching the activities of the extreme right, nicely complementing Ex-Gay Watch's coverage of ex-gay work). Second, I'm glad he linked to these blogs. Maybe if some of his readers/supporters checked out these two blogs they'd realize not everything these guys say is the truth. Hey, maybe he's subconciously wanting people to see the real truth in all of this.

Either way, I guess congratulations are in order.


At 29/7/06 6:47 PM, Blogger Peterson Toscano said...

I am glad he is linking to and reading these blogs. I think similarly it is important for more liberal progressive types and former ex-gay to read blogs of our more reasonable "opponents" (and even some of the unreasonable ones as much as we can stomach it). I know we all carry assumptions about each other and hopefully spending some time hearing each other out, we might break down some of these.

At 24/10/09 5:44 AM, Anonymous Doctor Bryan R. said...

Get rid of the gays,there not humans in my opinion.They are diseases and should be eradicated as such.

At 15/3/10 8:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In response to Dr Bryan..I am not gay, but understand it's not a choice. If other peoples busines doesn't invlove you and no ones getting hurt, whats the problem with allowing people to do what they please?
As far as religion goes, would a God (there has never been a shred of proof) would God really discrimnate against someone who doesn't have a choice in the situation? and who is happy with who they are and living a decent life..what if a homosexual has faith in God..that's a dilema. That doesn't sound like a loving God to me, slightly unfair infact. What about ginger hair, disabled, ethnic, white, tall, short, black hair, women?...eradicate them? or just the ones you don't like Dr Bryan? What about hetrosexuals that indulge in consenting practices that you don't..erradicate them?
I think you should be more concerened with having a closed mind and a blinkered view.

Before chucking around ridiculous comments why not sit down with a homosexual and learn a little more, how he/she feels, when they new, ask is at choice..
Be careful not to catch any diseases, put plasic sheeting down, even better meet in an open public place...and don't eradicate them..also keep your back against the wall just incase..because you do sound lovely xx

At 18/5/11 2:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, you people scare me. You're the reason there is war and hatred in the world, I hope you know that. If there's a god and he's condemning people, you're going first.

At 18/5/11 2:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To clarify, I'm directing my comment in particular at Doctor Bryan.

At 24/5/11 3:15 AM, Anonymous Patrick Salomon said...

In reference to homosexuality there are some major points that have never been brought up. Im going to take a commercial of a leading brand of soap; lever 2000 says there are 2000 touchable parts not even inlcuding untouchable parts, emtional traits/reactions, and personality traits. Now you are an exact representation of every single person that has lived before you; for example you have your mother/father eyes, you laugh like your grandmother, same color hair as your great grandfather so on and so forth. With that in mind lets go back to the lever 2000 commercial for every touchable part lets put each part to one person that lived before you who are the reason why you are here. So meaning you are a representation of 2000 (not even including the fact there are more) people that lived before you. So where do people get the idea that they have the right to choose wether or not your family will continue. It is your obligation to go about continuing your family's chain of life; thus as 2000 people before you went about doing things the right way so you would have a chance at life. So who says anyone can go about just stopping your family's existence. That means since a person can choose wether or not 2000 (plus more) people should not continue then that person should of never been brought into this world and left with that responsibility of continuing every person that did the right thing which is the reason you are here. Maybe when people argue about homosexual's rights and those that disagree say its wrong without reason maybe if we all put as this point there might be some change in States/Governments/Religions that are accepting this sickness.


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