Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Gay Snake Marriage

The Colbert Report is probably one of the funniest political commentary shows out there right now. If you haven't seen it before, you should definitely check it out.

Via Pam's House Blend, Colbert comments on a Fox News guest commentator reporting on a woman in India marrying a snake. The Fox guest then (non-jokingly from what I can tell) asks gays to guarantee that the gay marriage movement will not lead to people marrying their pets--a guarantee that he doesn't think gays can make. So, Colbert's parody agrees with the commentator (sarcastically of course) by saying, "if a woman in India marries a snake, gays in America should have to justify it."

Really funny stuff. The clip is over at Pam's, and it's worth viewing. The point that gays are being forced to justify not just homosexuality and gay marriage, but everything else going around out there is a good one. All this while I haven't seen anyone give me a really good reason why divorce and remarriage (for any reason) is allowable. Sure, some might say I'm changing the subject, but I'm actually just trying to figure out why we justify one behavior and not another.

Sean Hannity said about the illegal immigration problem that we can't plug up the little holes in a sinking ship while there is still a huge one taking on water. Well, same deal here, if the huge hole of divorce and remarriage is taking on water worse and worse every day, why are we worrying about addressing the tiny leaks of gays (arguably 2-5% of the population) trying to marry, and ignoring the big hole?


At 22/6/06 7:19 AM, Blogger EL said...


At 22/6/06 10:52 AM, Blogger Brady said...

He's so good! I knew I loved him when the t was silent in Report to match his name. Anyone with that kind of humor will get along just fine with me. Who knew he and John Stewart would be such up front gay allies?

At 23/6/06 1:21 PM, Blogger grace said...

I watched it every day when I was in Palm Beach, enjoying television....we don't have TV in our home and so I go nuts on vacation. He's wicked funny to me.



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