Friday, June 09, 2006

Dixie Chicks Hoax


Free Republic definitely contributed to the Dixie Chicks tour cancelling hoax. I didn't see a retraction yet. I wonder if they are the ones that started it. Also, look at how much some of these guys hate the Chicks.


I was listening to my local conservative talk radio station on my lunch break today, and during the news section they reported that the Dixie Chicks have cancelled several dates on their upcoming tour due to low ticket sales in heavily Republican states. According to them, my city was one of the unfortunate cancellations.

The Dixie Chicks cd is my boyfriend's current favorite, and we were already planning on going. So, I called him immediately to tell him the bad news (on a side note, we've had a string of terrible luck with concerts over the last year--we've missed around 5 due to cancellations or date changes by the bands).

So he called me back recently. And what do you know, the Dixie Chicks tour date cancellations was a big ole hoax. The tickets for Houston haven't even gone on sale yet, so low ticket sales was all made up.

I'd really expect a radio station to do a little more research on this type of thing. Maybe it was a conservative conspiracy...


At 11/6/06 5:31 PM, Blogger EL said...

Ridiculous. It seems like people are just DYING for there to be some drama with the new album and the new tour and they're just not satisfied until they make it up!

BTW, have you guys seen the Dixie Chicks live before?

At 11/6/06 6:28 PM, Blogger Brady said...

Hey El. I know, ridiculous. No, we haven't seen them live before. Have you? I'm actually pretty excited even though they're not my typical type of concert...

At 12/6/06 9:36 AM, Blogger EL said...

I've seen them live twice and both times were really a kick! My favorite stuff of theirs is the jammy bluegrass (I grew up with that), so it's awesome to hear them wail on the fiddle and the mandolin.

I think you and your boyfriend will have a ball.


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