Tuesday, June 13, 2006

What's This I Hear About a Gay Shower?

So, my boyfriend and I had our wedding shower on Saturday, hosted by two of our very close friends. To pretty quickly sum this all up--I'm still beaming from it. Seriously. beaming. If that is how great having a wedding shower feels, I can't even imagine what the wedding will be like. Everything was perfect--the food, the location, the decorations, all of the people--everything.

To my surprise, I found out last Thursday (two days before the shower) that my dad planned on attending. He told a friend of mine that he hadn't RSVP'ed because he had initially thrown the invitation away, but he had had a realization (his word) that this was too important to miss. One of the hosts also told me that after a few drinks my dad told her that I was lucky to find someone as great as my boyfriend. I couldn't believe it (and still kind of don't), but how amazing is that?!? Talk about breakthroughs.

So, all in all, probably one of the best nights of my life. Friends and family were there. My mom and dad got along (really well), as did my mom and my aunt, and even all of our different groups of friends managed to enjoy themselves.

So, that's the update. There's still that one thing about telling my grandmother and a handful of cousins that I'm trying to deal with and fretting over, but the excitement is definitely growing, especially considering how great Saturday went.

You know, my dad asked me once why I wanted to have the wedding/ceremony if it wasn't legal anyway. My younger brother answered for me by saying that it was the same reason straight people want to get married. No one gets married because they want the piece of paper, they get married to commit their love to each other, often to God, and everyone around them. I think after Saturday my dad understands that, or at least he's a step closer to understanding it.


At 13/6/06 6:37 PM, Anonymous Steven said...

Aww, that's great. I'm glad he's finally coming 'round! I'm pretty siked about this whole event... you best be sharing photos and whatnot. I want to pretend that I'm there.

At 13/6/06 8:28 PM, Anonymous shorty said...

Loved it, and love YOU! I'm so very proud of you and the fiance :)

At 14/6/06 3:23 AM, Anonymous Bill S said...

Glad to learn your dad is starting to come to his senses.
Is it wrong that, when I read "gay shower", the song "It's Raining Men" popped into my head?

At 14/6/06 7:05 AM, Blogger Brady said...

Steven- how fun to hear you're siked about the event. I think I can make pictures happen here...

Shorty- You're awesome. Thanks so much for all you did.

Bill- Funny you should mention that. One of my friends told his mom he was going to his very first gay shower and her reaction was, "why on earth are you telling me this." She had something completely different in mind, lol.

At 14/6/06 7:14 AM, Blogger grace said...

That's awesome. Thanks for sharing the good news!

At 19/6/06 5:41 PM, Blogger Jim Burroway said...

I'm glad everything's starting to come together!


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