Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Streetlight Manifesto, MxPx, Reel Big Fish

Did I mention my wedding is this Saturday? Pretty unbelievable, huh? I am hoping to post tomorrow or Thursday about how the plan is layed out, so check back.

As if I have all of this free time with that coming up, I went to a punk rock/ska concert last night. My favorite band, Streetlight Manifesto was in town last night opening for two bands that had mild mainstream success in the mid-to-late nineties, MxPx and Reel Big Fish. A good portion of the crowd, if not most, were definitely waiting to see Streetlight, though.

I took my boyfriend and two friends with me. They aren't necessarily fans of this kind of music, but they all like Streetlight live (at least they say they do), and they seemed to enjoy them. One of them even added Streetlight as the background music to her Myspace page.

The concert was really good--probably one of the best I've been to in a while. Streetlight's set was insanely short, though. They were great as usual, but I think they got to play 5 songs max. The crowd was really energetic, and I was one toe away from losing my shoe near the front of the stage with all the craziness going on. This is the kind of band that has amazing talent but misses out on mainstream popularity because of the type of music they play. I've never heard someone listen to them and not like them, though.

MxPx, a sort of Christian punk band played next. They were good, but they didn't really get the crowd going quite as much as the other two. But, they did play a great cover of "500 Miles." Who knew so many people knew the words to that song.

Reel Big Fish closed the show, and I couldn't believe how excited these kids were. Like I said, the band was popular in 1996 or 1997, making the majority of the crowd younger than ten years old when they had a hit. I guess they've managed to maintain an underground following, though, because most of the crowd new the words to all of their songs. They opened with a cover of "Take on Me," which was great (ska covers are so good!) and they played a cover of "Unity" by Operation Ivy, which is a song I used to listen to almost daily back in my freshman year of college.

So, that was the show. Sadly, I ran out of money at the show and couldn't buy a t-shirt because the ATM was down. Oh well. Even with that, still a great night.


At 25/7/06 9:09 PM, Anonymous Sparky said...

It was a great night. Sorry that my buying a belt ruined your t-shirt dreams.

At 2/9/06 2:54 PM, Blogger Emmin Texas said...

Holy shit, those two bands are amazing. Ska is amazing. Rock on!


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