Sunday, August 27, 2006

As The World Turns Goes Gay

I don't watch soap operas ever, and I really haven't liked the few I've seen. But, last year a teen character came out to his mom on As The World Turns. And, I just read that the writers are keeping the story going, because he is going to come out to his best friend on tomorrow's episode.

As a teenager dealing with the gay thing, I bet I probably would've made a point to watch the show back then. From what I've read, the writers are doing a pretty good job of exploring the good and the bad of coming out and are treating the issue with a good deal of compassion. It makes me happy to see story lines like that--where gay people can actually see their experiences portrayed on screen rather than hidden as if they don't exist.

Unfortunately, not all shows this season are following suit with the soap opera. Of the 679 characters on TV this season, only 9 are gay, so gay TV is still pretty hard to come by. Maybe as the younger generation becomes executives and writers for network television things will change.


At 27/8/06 8:20 PM, Blogger grace said...

I'm just curious....what's the actual percentage that should be represented....I mean, how many gay characters would it take to correctly reflect the current culture? Just curious.

love ya!
(i'm doing well...just having a little beverage, surfing, and not thinking about "things" for a bit!)

At 29/8/06 7:13 AM, Blogger Brady said...

Hey Grace- now that's a good question. I'm not even really sure I have an answer, but 9 out of 670 seems pretty small. I like the soap opera gay character--treated pretty normally as a regular guy. The one on Dawson's Creek a few years back was also good. I guess I just want to see more prominent gay roles on tv is all.

Glad to hear you are getting a second to sit back and relax--it's good to get your mind off of things and just chill for a while.


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