Friday, March 24, 2006

It's Illegal to Be Drunk In Texas

It's Friday, and I'm heading up to the good 'ole state capitol this weekend to visit friends and family. But, I wanted to post about some really strange goings on in my state.

Around the state, Texas has been conducting sting operations to arrest people that are drunk in bars. Apparently it falls in the public drunkenness category. Even worse is that they are using undercover cops to do the arresting, not uniformed ones, so you better watch out.

The news story I watched last night mentioned that the undercover officers would be looking for patrons that had slurred speech, were fumbling with money, or not walking straight to determine who is drunk. If you have a ride home other than your own car you get a $500 fine for being drunk, but if you drove there, you get a free ride to jail.

Honestly, this is one of the most absurd things I have ever heard of. We aren't talking about people being disruptive or disorderly, we are simply talking about people that have just had too much to drink, even if their friends are there to take care of them.

I guess prohibition is the next step.

Ok, I know prohibition isn't coming next, but shouldn't our cops be doing things like stopping the rising crime rate going on here in Houston? And, if this "sting operation" is equally applied, I can't even imagine how many thousands of people would be getting tickets or going to jail each weekend. Maybe this is a state fundraiser of sorts.

I realize that drinking and driving are lethal combinations, but if that is the case, stand these undercover cops at the door of the bar and force patrons to show them a sober driver. Just having a few too many (and from what I can tell that is what we are talking about, not just the people that are completely smashed) shouldn't warrant jail time. How this is about safety of others is beyond me.

Here's more from CNN.


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