Monday, September 12, 2005

Exodus- Is This the Voice of Compassion?

The Exodus Media Blog links to an article today that is celebrating Governor Schwarzenegger's announcement that he will veto the proposed gay marriage law in California. Fair enough on it's face--we all know Exodus is against extending rights to gays and how hard they work to prevent these rights. However, when I read the article, I really began to question Exodus' claim of compassion at all.

A few clips from the article:

Opening line: "This week, the homosexual mafia attempted an end-run around California voters. The sodomites not only lack respect for God's law, but for man's as well. However, Ahhnold will soon terminate their sick fantasy."

"Whether or not the degenerates amongst us understand it..."

"We must confront the sodomites every time they mount an assault against the family. Our complacency can only lead to our destruction."

Let's see. How is calling someone a sodomite, a degenerate, or blaming someone for the destruction of the world compassionate?

Now, in the spirit of honesty, I will say that the Exodus Blog has a disclaimer that says that the articles they link to do not necessarily represent their own viewpoints. But, I must ask, why link to an article that is so downright hateful? This opinion piece does nothing more than call names and incite anger. Surely not the type of thing that a Christian organization would want to affiliate with at all, one would think. Yes, Exodus links straight to the article and in their summary they take out all of the particularly viscious quotes as if to trick people into thinking the article isn't as ill-spirited as it seems.

How does this article do anything but incite anger from gays and towards gays? Why would Exodus want anything to do with it if they were really compassionate and wanted to help all gays?

All of this from an organization whose President claims "to be a part of the tremendous progress the evangelical church has made in demonstrating a more compassionate and truthful approach to those caught in homosexuality.” Please tell me Mr. Chambers. How exactly is this article compassionate in any way to a person "caught in homosexuality?"


At 12/9/05 11:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is _not_ the voice of compassion. But did you ever really think they were out to help people? Hmmmm?

At 15/9/05 6:29 AM, Blogger Jennifer said...

Great site. I will continue to visit. I have a blog with glbt news as a counter to EXODUS - called INTOUS. Visit if you can!

At 15/9/05 7:45 AM, Blogger Brady said...

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks and welcome (and feel free to stay and comment often)! I'll definitely visit your site too.


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