Thursday, February 21, 2008

Obama and Clinton in Houston

Obama and Clinton in Houston, and I saw them both this week. Well, I saw Chelsea rather than Bill or Hillary, but I saw her from about 5 feet away with only about 100 other people, so that makes it worth it.

Both were great speakers. J's mom said she felt like we saw what will come to be known as one of the great speeches of the century from Obama. He was incredibly eloquent, very passionate, and extremely dynamic. I've honestly never seen people get so excited over politics before. He might be the guy that finally helps put all of this partisan nonsense to rest.

I will say that I couldn't shake this feeling that Obama reminded me just a little of the kid running for class President promising his fellow students "no school on Fridays" to the cheers of the assembly hall. A lot of great ideas, but I felt like he was lacking some of the "hows." And, maybe it's my pessimism, but the President can only do so much.

Chelsea was also great . The setting was obviously a lot different (I saw Obama with 18,000 other people), but she fit the venue we saw her in very well. She prefers small groups, and you could see why. She was sweet, endearing, and very personal (and beautiful, I must say). Her talk was almost all Q&A, so maybe she benefited from that, but she went into specifics about the "hows" that Obama seemed to leave out. She's a great spokesperson for her mother, I'll definitely give her that. And, while the Obama supporters seemed like they were ready for a Bon Jovi concert (cheering, yelling, and going nuts), the Hillary folks were not just trying to get us excited, but they were walking around spelling out exactly how to caucus here in Texas.

Wow, what a big week. Both were last minute decisions for J and me, but we're really glad we went.

And, after all this...I still have no idea who I'm voting for. Is John McCain coming to town soon?


At 29/2/08 8:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Brady", I completly agree with what you've said and like your analogy to the "no school on Fridays!" I think his campaign is getting more and more unrealistic. I definitely think he serves a great purpose, but not as President, at least not now. Let Hil go in and clean up the mess first.


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