Friday, October 27, 2006

Gay Parenting--The New Child Abuse

If you are a gay parent you are committing the "ultimate form" of child abuse. At least that's what a representative of Citizens for Community Values claimed on the Joe Scarborough Show, Scarborough Country, recently in response to Scarborough's outrage that two lesbians were on the Oprah show during a time when kids could see them.

Two quick points here. First, has Joe ever watched Oprah before? Her topics get way worse than a couple of lesbians chatting about their daily lives. Second, calling gay parenting child abuse is just evil, nothing more. And what's sad is these people know what they are doing, but they don't care.

I'm going to go off topic here, so stick with me. I'm sure many of you have heard about Rush Limbaugh accusing Micheal J. Fox of going off of his Parkinson's medicine or exaggerating his condition on camera for a political ad Fox made. Micheal J. Fox did not respond to the comment, but sources close to him said his appearance on the ad portrayed him accurately, even while on medication.

While I didn't hear any other conservative pundits unfoundedly accuse Michael J. Fox of trying to deceive people, many (maybe even most) that I saw did say that using Michael J. Fox in a political ad with his Parkinson's tremors was a low blow and shouldn't be done because it does nothing but play on people's emotions rather than educate people on the issues. My response to that is that political issues have personal and emotional impacts. People should know the devastation that Parkinson's disease causes. People should know that gay people aren't immoral hedonists. People should know that laws have consequences on the day-to-day lives of others.

But, back to my point--How is using Michael J. Fox in an ad a low blow, but calling gay parenting child abuse is not a low blow? How is showing a man's symptoms caused by a debilitating disease a low blow but constantly referring to gays as pedophiles, immoral and accusing them of trying to destroy civilization as we know it not a low blow? To me it sounds like some people need to get their own values in check.


At 1/11/06 4:16 PM, Anonymous Bill S said...

How is an adult, excercising his right to free speech, offering an opinion on a subject that affects him personally-as Fox is-a low blow?

At 1/11/06 4:18 PM, Anonymous Bill S said...

damn typos.


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