Thursday, October 19, 2006

Possible Ex-Gay Movie

I just heard from a friend and pretty credible source that gay actor Chad Allen is in discussions to star in a movie with an ex-gay theme.

Here's the synopsis:

"A troubled young man is 'saved' by love rather than religion after he returns home to be cured of his homosexuality in an ex-gay ministry."

They're still looking to shoot the trailer for this one, so who knows if it will ever come to fruition, but we can always hope!


At 25/10/06 7:58 AM, Blogger Daniel Gonzales said...

Another ex-gay theme movie from Chad even after Shock to the System?

At 27/10/06 7:30 AM, Blogger Brady said...

Hey Daniel, yeah, I hear that this is a new one. Maybe he's becoming a regular ally.

At 25/1/07 12:33 PM, Anonymous Ken said...

Yeah the movie was shot in July 2006.

At 6/3/08 6:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chad Allen is widely known for his role as the smooth-talking
Zach in a series of latino twink movies
and as David Witherspoon in the series Our House. He also had recurring roles in some free old men gay porn videos.

At 7/3/08 7:09 AM, Blogger Brady said...

Anon- I've done some research and see no evidence that Chad Allen was ever in any porn movies. Please provide evidence if you have it.

At 3/4/08 1:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some Random Thoughts on “The End of the Spear” and Chad Allen

I’m kind of upset over the whole Chad Allen controversy. But I don’t feel like writing a
well-organized blogpost about it now. So here are some random thoughts.

Was this movie supposed to be strictly a ministry thing, using gay studsat every step
of the way? Were they trying to cast only Christian actors? If so, well yeah, they goofed
pretty bad. But it’s apparent that they weren’t.

Then what were they expecting? What is so especially bad about a gay activist, compared to
all the other sorts of worldly people out there? Did they need some “minimally moral” unbeliever?
Should there have been some sort of morality test for prospective actors before they got to
audition, so they could keep out the young studs

Doesn’t that negate all our
proclamations that all are sinners in need of the grace of God, that the homosexual is no
better and no worse than us, apart from that grace?

It seems that people were worried about what kind of message it would send. That to cast
him in the movie was to endorse his choices and beliefs. That to watch it would be endorsing
free black porn.
But why? I don’t follow the Hollywood celebrity news/gossip…but I’m aware of it enough to know
that chances are the actors in the movies I watch think and do things that I would find abhorrent.

At 7/5/08 10:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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