Wednesday, September 28, 2005

All Gays Have Been Abused? News to Me...

A doozie of a quote from Melissa Fryear at the Exodus "Love Won Out" Conference from the Agape Press. It goes like this, "Having talked with hundreds of homosexuals, I have never met one that had not been sexually violated in his or her life.”

Really? She's never met a single gay person in her life (out of hundreds) that was not sexually violated? I guess the only reason she can even pretend to believe this is if she has some sort of imaginary definition for what being sexually violated means (i.e. any man that has had sexual contact with another man has been violated). To say that you've never met a gay person that has been violated sexually sounds so incredulous I can't believe it was even reprinted.

I think I' m going to look her up and try to meet her so she can meet one gay person who has not been violated before. How's that sound?

Former Exodus President Joe Dallas later said people should respond to gay activisists' misinformation with truth. Maybe he should confront Melissa Fryear with some truth too. Even if she has somehow managed to beat the odds and never meet a non-abused gay person, he could at least tell her that they exist. Her implication that they don't exist is pretty clear.

But then I realize he won't do it because he comes back with this loving, Christianly quote of his own, "And if the church allows that sociopathic, homosexuality-affirming culture's increasing self-destructiveness to proceed unchallenged to its logical, morbid conclusions, Dallas contends, “God will require the blood of the state at the hands of his visible representation, who allowed itself to be intimidated into silence.”

You know what, this really doesn't sound like "loving the sinner but hating the sin." Blaming a group of people--gays in this case--for the end of the world, and calling general society sociopathic for accepting gays sounds like a lot of hating gays in general, not any sort of sin they may or may not commit. I wonder if he calls himself sociopathic for his own sins.


At 28/9/05 4:40 PM, Blogger JJ said...

Oh man, I hate it when people make such grand generalizations. It really pisses me off.

And Joe Dallas? I read his book and was actually impressed that he didn't resort to such hateful rhetoric, given that he considers himself 'ex-gay', but that comment is pretty bad. What is wrong with people?

At 28/9/05 5:54 PM, Blogger Brett said...

Hi Brady.

Ugh. Where to being combatting Fryear's irresponsible non-truths and Dallas' bizarre, paranoid invoking of his killer god?

And can someone tell me WHY OH WHY it is that one guy who says invisible beings are out to kill him is considered worthy of psychiatric evaluation and this guy gets "amens!"?

At 28/9/05 5:55 PM, Blogger Brett said...

whoops - that first paragraph should be "where to begin" not "where to being"

At 28/9/05 7:24 PM, Blogger Brady said...

JJ- You know, I haven't read Dallas' book, but I remember you saying that you had been at least somewhat impressed with it, so I was surprised to see such an absurd statement from him.

Also, I have had light coversation with Randy Thomas of Exodus, and I have found him to be nice and considerate. I'm disappointed that he would sit by and let statements like Dallas' stand.

Brett- Shockingly enough, people still listen to these people. And once mainstream conservative Christians here these comments, they have been so passed around they don't realize who has said it and take it as exact truth. Why would you doubt something your church or pastor has said just because we said it was made up by a quack?


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