Tuesday, September 04, 2007

One Last Thing About the Larry Craig Incident

Alan Keyes may be one of the people I most dislike in American politics. Luckily his political pull doesn't go very far these days, but somehow he still has enough people listening to him for me to know who he is.

Alan Keyes didn't write this article, Michael Bresciani, did, but it's posted on Keyes' Renew America website, so I'll give both of them the blame for writing/posting this shameful piece of writing. Sadly Bresciani describes himself as a Christian in the short bio after the article. Apparently deliberately misrepresenting a story to demonize gay people is A-Ok according to his brand of Christianity. It's not ok in mine.

Here are Bresciani's own words:
All the hype about Larry Craig's demise leaves something out. Conspicuously missing is the attention that should have been paid to the appalling habits, the seedy haunts and inconvenient places gays have chosen to further their sleazy activities. But lets not forget that just as the undercover cop who nabbed Larry Craig, may have never expected to nab a U.S. Senator; neither did the gays who frequent the stalls at the airport bathroom. Their preferred targets, victims, would be younger men perhaps even underage. Just like your sons.

Just like your sons? Wow.

Somehow Bresciani managed to blame gays for Craig's tryst (even though, as I already pointed out, Craig is living as a straight man) and even throws in the pedophile card for good measure. In case you're wondering, nothing about this case or any other remotely related to it even implies that there is any sort of pedophilia going on.

Some people should really be ashamed of themselves.


At 4/9/07 1:37 PM, Anonymous Jarred said...

While talking about Jim Naugle, Bresciani goes on to say teh following:

Although not all are related to gay activity, the 92 arrests in the college break town have shown that there is a dangerous trend afoot.

92 arrests? What arrests is he referring to. Perhaps my memory is incorrect, but I thought the Fort Lauderdale PD indicated that the number of bathroom-sex arrests over the past few years numbered in the low single digits? Is my memory faulty? Or is this just another case of Bresciani playing hard and fast with (or even making up) facts?

I agree with your conclusion, by the way. Unfortunately, I don't think some people know the meaning of the word shame.

At 5/9/07 9:21 AM, Blogger Brady said...

Jarred- very nice catch. My memory of the Ft. Lauderdale issue was that the police had said the arressts and complaints were very minimal. The way he threw 92 in there is really strange.


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