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On The Lighter Side--J's 100 Things

To lighten things up a bit around here, I'm posting J's "100 Interesting Things About Me" list. He was inspired (albeit belatedly) and made a fun one of his own. Feel free to compare the two to see how cute (or not so cute) we are together. ;-) You guys should do one for yourself too--they're fun!

Here Goes:

100 Interesting Things About J

1. I own every Madonna album.
2. I try to learn the lyrics to every song I hear.
3. I make up the lyrics I don’t know.
4. I hate the winter and any time it’s cooler than 70 degrees.
5. I cry when it rains too much.
6. I am allergic to cats.
7. I love kittens.
8. I could eat pizza and/or Mexican food all day every day.
9. I laugh hysterically at The Simpsons, I Can Has Cheezburger?, and my own jokes.
10. I think I am one of the funniest people I know.
11. Brady wouldn’t necessarily agree.
12. I love reading Rosie’s blog.
13. Dancing to David Gray at my wedding was one of the happiest moments in my life.
14. Red Bull and Vodka is my drink of choice if I can’t find a margarita.
15. I totally think I rock at karaoke.
16. I try to go to as many concerts as possible.
17. My favorites have been Madonna, Jewel, the Dixie Chicks, and most recently, Beyoncé.
18. I wish I was famous so I could have dinner with people like the Dixie Chicks, Cher, and Diane Sawyer.
19. I whine a lot.
20. I think it’s funny to sing along to Celine Dion and try to sing in her register. Brady does not agree.
21. I have always had weight issues and self-image issues. I hate having issues.
22. I would wear flip flops forever if I could.
23. I can’t wait to retire, and by retire, I mean at 35.
24. I love going on cruises.
25. I am the only boy in my family. My last name ends with me. Oops.
26. I procrastinate any chance I can get.
27. My dream job is to be a talk show host like Rosie or Ellen or Graham Norton. Not like Oprah – I don’t want to discuss important issues. I want to fawn over celebrities.
28. I hate over analyzing anything. A movie is a movie; it doesn’t always have to represent the fall of post-feminism or start a discussion about French nu-wave.
29. I am great at BS’ing my way through conversations about the fall of post-feminism and French nu-wave symbolism.
30. I love taking long showers.
31. I hate alarm clocks, but I consider myself a morning person.
32. Watching TV is my favorite hobby.
33. I can play the trombone, guitar, and the piano (as long as no one expects too much out of my performance).
34. I am horrible at keeping up with my friends via email and phone calls.
35. My friends would say my music tastes lean lesbionic.
36. But Jewel, Fiona Apple, and the Dixie Chicks are super great.
37. I am self-diagnosed OCD and anal retentive.
38. I majored in Art History and Spanish.
39. I lived in Toledo, Spain for four months with a Spanish family.
40. I consider myself liberal, but I hate when people bring up politics in mixed company (e.g. board meetings – inside joke, people).
41. Brady taught me to enjoy basketball, and the Spurs are my favorite team.
42. I miss watching Martina Navratilova in tournaments.
43. I’ve seen Steel Magnolias at least 30 times.
44. I sunburn really easily.
45. Drinking and swimming at the same time is really fun.
46. I look for dolphins every time I go to the beach.
47. Splash is one of my favorite movies, and probably the last time Tom Hanks was good. Oh, that and in Big.
48. I don’t like children between the ages of 2 and 15.
49. People at my office label me the loud one.
50. I think older men are hot.
51. I love New Orleans and would move there tomorrow if possible.
52. I live too far away from my immediate family, and it’s hard to get time to visit them.
53. People who complain about free food are really annoying to me.
54. I’ve grown to like coffee in the last six months. It has to be iced and made with chocolate.
55. I hate that Brady and his family are so athletic. I have few skills in that department, and he can beat me at any sport. When I complain that he always beats me, he says, “it’s not a competition.” My response – “Yeah, well, you’re not losing.”
56. Correcting people’s grammar is really fun for me.
57. I am the most competitive person I know. If I don’t win, then I get very upset. Game nights are not my idea of fun.
58. Drinking is my idea of fun.
59. I hate when people beat around the bush, especially at work, and I want people to always just ask for exactly what they want.
60. I feel I have very few character flaws. Brady again would disagree.
61. I toured in the musical Godspell as Judas. My church youth group put it on. It is one of my most fun memories from high school.
62. I will win an Oscar one day. Or a Daytime Emmy. Not sure how, but I am sure I will.
63. It’s very pretty in my head.
64. I like yard work.
65. I like to complain.
66. I am usually over-anxious about any number of topics or issues.
67. Currently, I am anxious about the fact that it’s supposed to rain all weekend, and I have yard work to do.
68. I floss regularly.
69. I don’t look good in white or black.
70. I am pee shy.
71. I love our dog Parker, I just wish she was a little more self-sufficient. Like could make her own dinner when she got hungry or could let herself out when she needs to use the bathroom.
72. I am not convinced Parker even knows her own name yet.
73. That’s because Parker was supposed to be “Janet,” but Brady vetoed that name. She probably has identity issues now.
74. Some people think I’m passive-aggressive.
75. I hate gambling.
76. I consider myself a very blessed person – good job, good home, great family, wonderful husband. (I just threw up a little in my mouth.)
77. I hate when celebrities thank God in acceptance speeches.
78. Anderson Cooper is dreamy.
79. I think it’s fun to catch frogs.
80. I love all types of music and have no shame when it comes to buying CDs.
81. Golden Girls is one of the best shows ever made.
82. I hate cleaning bathrooms.
83. I like vacuuming.
84. I am a Virgo and love other Virgos, except when they get too anxious or try to be in control too much.
85. Dolly Parton makes me happy.
86. I like people instantly, and I am a pretty poor judge of character.
87. I never remember anybody’s name. Even after meeting them 4+ times.
88. I hate when someone forgets my name. I take that very personally.
89. I was raised in West Texas in a small city where everyone knew everyone else’s business. Going to church was a social event.
90. I love living in Houston and fancy myself very urbane.
91. I really feel like I don’t deserve nice things or shouldn’t splurge money on ANYTHING.
92. I am afraid of snakes and have snake nightmares at least once a week.
93. Chocolate milkshakes are one of God’s greatest gifts.
94. I have a need to be liked at all times. My jokes must always be funny. If I feel someone doesn’t like me, I am instantly anxious and try to win them over or start disliking them back immediately.
95. Madonna is my hero, and she made me who I am today.
96. I love eating.
97. I love theme parks, amusement parks, and water parks.
98. I can’t stand receiving feedback or constructive criticism. If I’m wrong or not perfect, I don’t want to hear about it, and I never want to be wrong or grow from my mistakes. I hate being corrected.
99. My friends are my family.
100. I heart Brady.


At 19/7/07 8:12 AM, Anonymous shorty said...

that was fun to read! but i have to say thank god y'all found each other :)

if you google "french nu-wave" you get this blog posting immediately.


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