Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Top Gay Colleges Are Back

The Princeton Review has ranked the nation's top 20 gay-friendly colleges as well as some of the least gay-friendly ones, via Pam's House Blend.

Here's who topped the list:
1.) New College of Florida
2.) Macalester College
3.) Wellesley College
4.) Eugene Lang College/New School University
5.) Mount Holyoke College
6.) St. John's College (MD)
7.) Bryn Mawr College
8.) Lawrence University
9.) Emerson College
10.) Harvey Mudd College
11.) St. John's College (NM)
12.) Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering
13.) Wesleyan University
14.) Marlboro College
15.) Carleton College
16.) Smith College
17.) Haverford College
18.) Reed College
19.) Bard College
20.) Oberlin College

And at the bottom of the list are:
Hampden-Sydney College, Virginia
The University of Notre Dame
Baylor University in Waco, Texas

Both Notre Dame and Baylor were on the list last year as well, which isn't that much of a surprise. Although, I will admit that a school the size and stature of Notre Dame is still struggling with this. And here I thought homophobia didn't exist anymore (do I make that point too much?).

My twin brother is going off to attend Baylor this fall for Law School. I think he'll be fine, in spite of the school's dubious award. (Side note- I might write a post about his leaving and how it will change our lives (or at least my life) if I feel up to it in the next month, so stay tuned).


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